HVAC Vacuum Pumps for Refrigeration Systems

HVAC Pumps for Air Conditioners, Refrigeration Systems and HVAC Systems

Features of Air Conditioner Pumps

Welch HVAC Vacuum Pumps are used to remove gas, vapors, and other contaminants from refrigeration systems after refrigerant recovery and repair of cooling systems. Deep and complete vacuum is required to ensure the Air Conditioning system is free from contaminants before recharging with refrigerant.

Our industrial duty HVAC pumps are engineered to deliver deep vacuum and pump down quickly reaching 40 microns in hours; not days or weeks like you might experience with a light duty pump.

Welch refrigeration & HVAC vacuum pumps come in two pump styles. DuoSeal® belt-drive vacuum pumps are proven performers with low RPMs and a long service life. Our CRVpro direct-driven vacuum pumps are portable and powerful.

Pumps for HVAC Systems and Refrigeration Service

About Welch HVAC Vacuum Pumps

DuoSeal rotary vane vacuum pumps are proven performers with low pump RPM to ensure long service life with durable precision machined steel rotor, cast iron intake, exhaust ring and metal vanes. DuoSeal models are used on the most demanding service applications such as purge pump on absorption chillers and Industrial/commercial chillers.

CRVpro models of rotary vane vacuum pumps are portable but powerful and come with forced oil lubrication and a protective coating on key internal parts. CRVpro pumps are used where high flow is required, and a lightweight and small footprint is desired for service applications such as rooftop HVAC equipment and RTUs.

Selecting an HVAC Vacuum Pump

In addition to vacuum performance and evacuation time, there are several factors to consider when selecting a vacuum pump for refrigeration systems. Here are a few features of Welch HVAC pumps that you might consider when making your selection.

  • Large Oil Reservoir - dilutes contaminants to avoid multiple oil changes during a job
  • Gas Ballast - Ability to Handle High Water Vapors
  • Pump Size and Performance - Meet the tonnage needs of cold storage, industrial and commercial chillers, rooftops HVAC equipment, RTU’s and absorption chillers

With our quick pump down and fast delivery, Welch HVAC pumps are the ultimate solution to your refrigeration servicing needs. If you are looking for assistance, reach out to our application specialists, who are happy to help you make a right decision.

The HVAC Vacuum Pumps for Large Chiller Service

Download our four page brochure that assists you in selecting the right pump for your HVAC/Refrigeration service application.