Gemini environmental monitoring pumps

GEMINI vacuum pumps simplify your sampling and preparative procedure. The product is specifically designed for filtration applications. It ensures ultra-quiet and maintenance-free operation even for moderately corrosive applications. Chemical resistance is built in with polyacrylamide heads and PTFE diaphragms, tubing and valves. GEMINI gives you enhanced chemical resistance – tolerant beyond aqueous fumes for use with solvents and weak acids/bases.

Because of its compact design and low weight the pump can be used wherever vacuum is needed – if in the laboratory or field. The GEMINI pumps are powered by DC motors with an adapter for 12 V vehicle plug ins. This enables field usage by utilizing vehicle power outlets (e.g., car or boat). Also included is an AC adapter for lab operation.

Welch also offers models with convenient vacuum readout and regulation. GEMINI pumps achieves 256/266 mbar with up to 13 l/min free air displacement. Ideal for water filtering, sampling, aspiration, degassing or desiccation.

Applications: Filtration, Gas sampling