Diaphragm Pumps

Clean operation (oil free), low cost of ownership, highest reliability – these are just a few benefits that customers can appreciate when they use a diaphragm pump for laboratory or industrial applications. With a broad range of diaphragm pumps – ultimate vacuum from 75 to 1 mbar and peak flow rates up to 138 l/min – Welch offers specific pump families and models for a variety of uses.

Diaphragm pumps work completely without oil which has several advantages for the user:

  • Less maintenance compared to other technologies saves time and money
  • Dry vacuum allows cleaner workplace and environment
  • Uncontaminated pumping of gases results in cleaner samples and no risk of oil back-streaming

Overview of Welch Diaphragm Pump Families

  DryFast BTpro Self-Cleaners High-Capacity XPRF
Free Air Displacement, cfm 0.9 to 2.5 1.4 to 6 1.2 2.3 to 7.8 4.5 to 6.9
Ultimate Vacuum, torr 40 to 9 15 to 6 9 to 2 56 to 1.5 100 to 25
Chemical Resistant? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-Cleaning Feature? No No Yes No No
Tunable Vacuum? Yes Select Models Yes No No
Explosion-Proof Motor? No No No No Yes